Stay connected with our free WiFi

MOST of us take for granted the easy access to WiFi in our homes.

And when we’re away from home, we expect to be able to connect to WiFi offered by other venues. With no strings (ie: extra cost) attached.

It’s a given.

At Scarborough Beach Resort, we want you to have a good time. So of course we have (drum roll):


And it’s pretty much everywhere – in all our rooms as well as around the pool and spa.

The last thing you need when you arrive at your destination is to discover there is no WiFi, especially if you have travelled far with teenagers who can turn feral the moment they are denied access to social media.

When you visit us feel free to bring all the bits and bobs – from iPads to laptops and all that other stuff that keeps us connected.

The alternative is … to switch off, do without, totes chill (knowing it’s still available if you get the urge).

And while you’re on it, don’t forget to tag us on Facebook @ScarbouroughBeachResort

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