Sand toboggan or skydive over Redcliffe

If adrenaline is your drug of choice, there’s absolutely no excuse to stay inside this winter.

Get out of your comfort zone and dive into amazing action adventures.

We’ve browsed through some of the most spine tingling, mentally and physically challenging experiences for our totally terrifiying top 2:

Brisbane tandem skydive from 14000 ft: Woah! That’s rather high and definitely not for the faint hearted (so get the old ticker checked before  you even think about it). Brisbane Skydiving is taking it to the limit, climbing to the maximum legal allowable height in Australia. A huge motivating factor is the view of Brisbane City, Moreton Bay and Bribie Island that is made complete by a beach landing at Redcliffe. G’arn. You can do it!

Head out to Moreton Island for some serious sand tobogganing. This is a free activity that requires a high fitness level. You can propel yourself down a range of sand dunes or, for those wanting a bigger thrill, bring a sandboard – a waxed masonite board that has been properly waxed and buffed.

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